Yoga Conference


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April 9-12, 2015

Metro Toronto Convention Centre


This is your opportunity to align your companies products and services with like minded individuals and to place yourself directly in front of what has become the most popular sector of the Health and Fitness industry. Over 150,000 individuals in the Greater Toronto Area practice yoga, of which 73% are women and 27% are men (Print Measurement Bureau). Be sure your product and its logo are in the hands and eyes of this affluent and health conscious group of individuals who are changing the lifestyle of North American Living standards.

YOGA the Conference & Show would like to recognize and thank the following organizations and companies for their support in making this event a success.


YogaJellies LogoEase the edge of your yoga practice YogaJellies are designed to relieve distracting and inhibiting pain or discomfort. Allow yourself to participate fully in your asana. These 5.5 inch discs are made out of a non-toxic and latex-free silicon-based material. Change the shape of your practice and pose.


Tonic LogoTonic magazine is the only health and wellness publication that is delivered free to the home. Issues go with the Globe and Mail to home subscribers in the five most affluent neighborhoods in Toronto and are available for free pick up at over 160 locations all across the Greater Toronto area.


Vyanna LogoVYANA Yoga Products Dedicated to spreading Illumination and Love HastaPada Yoga Belt~ Apply the concept of portability to your practice with an innovative 3 loop design that is adaptable and adjustable promoting agile and efficient maneuverability to deepen many poses with increased steadiness and support. Alluring Women's Apparel ~ Beautifully embellished exotic yoga and transitional clothing. Energetic Chakra Poster, Yoga Widower Men's T Shirt, Magic Banana, and our brand new Vedi*Vaahan's (Are you ready for your Vedi?)

Synergy Movement

Synergy Movement LogoSynergy Movement was created and developed by Ruth Dargan in 1994. It is a combination of Classical Hatha Yoga, Psychotherapy, Science and Religion. Synergy Movement is a uniquely integrated practice which evolves the human spirit and the biomechanical human body synergistically, creating a powerful resonance between body, mind and spirit which may be felt and sensed in the core of the human experience. is a free social commerce utility that helps natural health experts, share who they are, what they do with consumers through question and answers (Q&A).


Flora LogoFlora has been manufacturing and supplying quality herbal remedies for distribution in Canada since 1965 and our roots stretch back to Germany in the early 1900's. Flora's dedication is to the perfection of European herbal remedies that provide maximum purity, quality and potency for health of people and the planet through local, sustainable, organic products wherever possible.

Happy Water

Happy Water LogoPROUDLY sourced and bottled in BC 100% Pure blend of spring and rare lithia waters (nothing added) NATURAL 7.4pH Alkaline (ideal body range) BENEFITS Lithia waters have been enjoyed around the world for 150 years. They are known to enhance well-being and the creation of new brain cells


Obakki LogoThe Obakki Foundation is the philanthropic right arm of the Obakki brand and has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to support worldwide humanitarian causes. Currently, efforts are focused on the water crisis in South Sudan, where the Obakki Foundation has drilled over 250 fresh water wells through fundraising and personal donations. The fashion supports the Foundation by covering all administrative, transportation and marketing costs, ensuring that 100% of proceeds can go directly toward the cause. ABOUT OBAKKI FALL/WINTER 2012 Through conceptual storytelling, Founder and Creative Director, Treana Peake, translates her personal encounters and work with the Obakki Foundation into the Fall/Winter 2012 Collection. Inspired by her current efforts drilling water wells in South Sudan, this collection is a creative exploration of the country’s dramatic timeline told through color, texture and pattern. With Fall/Winter 2012’s story tied directly to the cause, Obakki is turning inspiration into meaningful, direct change - donating 100% of proceeds from these 10 pieces to drilling water wells in South Sudan.

 LogoPassport to Prana an experiment in putting our yoga to work. We partner with yoga studios in Vancouver, Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal to promote the life-changing benefits of yoga. Our business was built on the notion that we yogis can do a better job when we join together as a likeminded community.


Halfmoon LogoHalfmoon has been hand-crafting exceptional yoga, meditation, clothing and lifestyle products for over two decades. We're proud that most of our products are still locally made and hand-sewn in our Vancouver warehouse. We are nature lovin' yogis and consider our community and our planet in everything we do.

Yoga Canada

Yoga Canada LogoGiving Canada's Yoga Community a Voice! Have fun exploring Canada's Largest Yoga Directory! Yoga in Canada is your online destination to the Canadian yoga community. It provides an ideal way for yoga enthusiasts to locate yoga teachers, yoga classes, yoga studios, yoga events, yoga workshops, yoga retreats, yoga services and yoga products from across the Country. Did you know that Yoga in Canada was created to spread the importance of supporting our local yoga industry? With such a vast array of yoga resources right in our own backyard why not partake in a yoga event or workshop that is happening in another province or even in your own hometown. Learn about some of the awesome local entrepreneurs and their great Canadian made yoga products. Want to expand your yoga knowledge why not learn from a yoga teacher-training program right here in Canada? Start browsing our site and you'll be amazed at what our country has to offer.