Exciting Evening Events

An ecstatic evening of movement! Inspired by tropical heat and jungle beats, your soul will light up with yoga, ecstatic dance, electronic music and, finally, seep meditation to ground it all in. Come get blissed out on a night to remember! Kirtan, part of the path of Bhakti Yoga is an easy way to experience freedom from the daily chatter of the mind, empowerment and well-being while instilling the whole being with bliss absolute. A heart opening participatory music experience where traditional Sanskrit mantras are sung with musical accompaniment in a call and response style. These ancient mantras contain powerful healing and transformational energies that help reconnect us to the divinity within and around us. When we sing, breathe, and move to the same rhythms in unison, our vibrations begin to synchronize resulting in a powerful experience as we come out of our head and into our hearts.

Darren Austin Hall returns to offer another concert of his unique sacred music, healing sound and spiritual inspirations. With his powerful shamanic singing and song-channelings, Darren will perform as a channel for songs of the divine, interspersed with original compositions. This is music of a mystical kind, weaving majestic instruments such as crystal singing bowls, angelic guitar, passion poetry and more. The concert concludes with a collective chant for peace.