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Kirsten Guest is an E-RYT 500 yoga and meditation teacher with 20 years of teaching and playing in the field of yogic teachings. She is a Supervisor and Mentor of iRest yoga nidra meditation teachers and the Director of Teacher Certification for the Integrative Restoration Institute (www.irest.us), founded by Richard C. Miler PhD, current author of the meditation column of Yoga Journal, and author of Yoga Nidra, and iRest for PTSD. Kirsten teaches yoga and meditation classes in her home town of Kimberley, B.C., and travels to lead iRest retreats in the nondual tradition throughout the U.S. and Canada

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The Art and Science of iRest® Yoga Nidra Meditation:For health, healing, resiliency and well-being, and its use for PTSD, Sleep and Related Issues

All Levels, Therapeutics, Teacher Training

Kirsten Guest - TH1GUE

As yoga teachers and students, you may find it a challenge to incorporate a meditation element into your classes. During this workshop, you will learn simple cues that support your students (and yourself) entering more and more deeply into states of relaxation, to mentally unplug, while learning to become less emotionally reactive and triggered by events that occur throughout our lives. We cannot escape the difficulties of life, but we can learn_and teach our students_ how to ride the waves and navigate life with a sense of ease and comfort. Through guided movement and experiential savasana, as well as discussion periods, you will learn cues that will support your students in meditation. Using time-tested principles of iRest yoga Nidra (Integrative Restoration), a recent adaptation of ancient yoga Nidra developed by Richard Miller, PhD of Psychology, Kirsten Guest will share with you the most recent neuroscience that supports these simple, effective techniques.


11:00 AM - 6:00 PM (6 HRS)


BodySensing: Meditation in Movement

Kirsten Guest - FR2GUE

BodySensing is a practice of meditation in movement coming from the non-dual tradition of yoga. During this session, we will use BodySensing to meet restrictions in the body from tightness, injury, chronic pain. We will use a combination of movement, meditation and inquiry to delve into, learn from and move beyond acute and chronic pain. Pain can be a powerful messenger and we will learn to accept its invitation to inquire inside rather than follow our natural tendency to move around or away from. During this experiential workshop, we will use various tools of iRest meditation to approach pain in a radically different way.


6:00 PM - 8:00 PM (2 HRS)


Cue More Effective Savasana - iRest Yoga Nidra Meditation is Simple to Do!

All Levels, Teacher Training, therapuetic

Kirsten Guest - SA3GUE

This workshop will give you practical cues and skills to incorporate throughout any yoga class_even during final relaxation_to support students (and yourself!) getting out of their heads and into their bodies and hearts, and to unveil a unique way of being. Accessing a felt sense of being is something you and your students are familiar with, yet many of us rarely take time to do so. Yoga class is a perfect venue for this. By offering this exquisite practice, you will providing your students the whole yoga experience, truly incorporating body, mind and spirit even as it leads to ultimate freedom from the body, mind and senses. Offer a whole new level of yoga and meditation experience.


1:00 PM - 3:00 PM (2 HRS)


BodySensing Movement - Incorporating Meditation Into Your Yoga Class.

Kirsten Guest - SU3GUE

As a practitioner or teacher of yoga, learning simple cues to orient you to deeper and deeper elements of feeling can provide access to the experience of freedom and ease. Experience and learn to add these elements to your yoga and meditation practice.


2:00 PM - 4:00 PM (2 HRS)