Faculty - Vanessa Montenegro

Vanessa Montenegro is a yoga teacher and natural health educator who started her yoga journey in 2004 and is always looking for ways to keep moving and live fully in the beautiful city of Toronto. Vanessa's classes are designed to journey inwards, breathe deep and awake our inner wisdom resulting in more ease, vitality and empowered health. Each time we come to the mat it is a new opportunity to be in discovery, to play, and be open to what each asana is offering. Weaving therapeutic essential oils throughout each practice is a powerful way to activate the nervous system, support the physical body and drop into each moment through the senses. Outside of yoga class, Vanessa travels to teach essential oil workshops at studios, corporate events and wellness centres. Her core focus is to make a huge impact on global wellness, increase accessibility to natural alternatives, elevate livelihoods around the world through co-impact sourcing and continue to fuel a movement toward empowered health.