Faculty - Audrey Gentile

Audrey Gentile is a yoga teacher, culinary arts graduate, wife and bulldog mom. Hailing from northern Quebec, her yoga journey began in 2002. Audrey's teaching is infused with authenticity and her focus is on empowering the students to connect with their own wisdom and strength. Skilfully arranging asanas to ease the journey from the physical to the subtle body, her emphasis is on what the practice feels like and what it evokes. Today, calling Toronto home, she can be found teaching in local studios, in private at-home classes, in satellite workshops and as part of her immersive retreat experience, in Anima, in Italy. Audrey's love for yoga is matched by her passion for slow and ethical food. Her attention being on the quality of both these sacred practices, the essence is ultimately feeding the body and soul in a true holistic sense and as a way to celebrate life.


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Inhale & Exhale: Create a Sensory Yoga Experience with Essential Oils

Do you love yoga? Essential oils? Would you love to bring them together? Or perhaps you already combine them but always reach for the same oil each class: are you curious about expanding your repertoire? In this co-taught workshop, we will weave essential oils throughout the yoga practice to elevate your awareness, deepen your experience, and create empowered health on and off the mat. Inspired by the rhythm and relationship of our INHALE to energize and our EXHALE to release, this 2-hour workshop will combine specific essential oils and yoga flows with hands-on adjustments. You will begin with a mini-education on connecting each essential oil to your intention to deepen your understanding of the synergy between oils and yoga. Students will experience how essential oils complement a yoga practice, affect emotions, support physical release, and weave together conscious and subconscious.


6:30 PM - 8:30 PM (2 HRS)