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Andrea Olivera has been a Canadian revolutionary figure in the Ayurveda healing and spa industry. She has dedicated most of her life to develop and incorporate of Ayurveda, Yoga and eastern practices of wellness into the healing spa practices for the past 30 years. Her career began as a makeup artist and aesthetician to now being a leading figure as an Ayurveda beauty and wellness care specialist, creator of her own signature line of natural Ayurveda skincare line and botanical perfumes, the Ayurveda Spa Specialist certificate training program, and most recently a published author. Her lifelong study and practice of ancient wisdoms of healing continue to inspire her dedication to learning.

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Ayurveda Scalp Massage on a Mat - Workshop for Yoga Teachers

Andrea Olivera - TH1OLI

Yoga teachers wanting to integrate the healing wisdom of Ayurveda Therapy in your classroom, this workshop is for you! You will learn to create a one-on-one treatment that you can use in a 30-minute session for your private and semi-private settings. Explore ways to adapt the teachings for a small-group class, where you would be able to spend a few minutes on each student to assist with deepening savasana.In this workshop you will discover - Ayurveda's process of observation, - Elemental Wisdom, or the Five Elements of Ayurveda - how to apply the Guna Theory into a hands-on healing treatment called Guna Therapy. - the basics of seated Indian head massage techniques - Ayurveda Facial Marma points and Ayurveda formulas for providing stress release and mental calm - how to apply Ayurvedic healing oils on Marma points


11:00 AM - 6:00 PM (6 HRS)