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Marla is a versatile and spirited presenter who thrives on educating, entertaining and empowering people through the practice of Yoga, meditation and integrative fitness. Marla's primary interest as a teacher involves accessing and nurturing all dimensions of our humanity through body-based consciousness, human energetics and psycho-spiritual inquiry. As a graduate of the acclaimed Mindfulness Yoga & Meditation Training at Spirit Rock in California and in her role as a mentor for the Insight Yoga Institute directed by Sarah & Ty Powers, she draws extensively from Buddhism and transpersonal psychology in her approach. Marla is the owner and director of Empower ME Yoga Studio & Teacher Training Academy in Ottawa. Her passion unfolds on a path that includes extensive travel to present at conferences, retreats, teacher training and experiential intensives internationally.

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Yin Yoga:Foundation Training & Experiential Intensive

All Levels, Teacher Training, Therapeutic

Marla Ericksen - TH1ERI

This intensive will introduce participants to the essential foundation practices of Yin yoga. While training will highlight the receptive Yin-style postures, complementary Yang yoga forms will be included to provide balance and context. We will study the purpose, method and effects of Yin yoga on the body, the heart and the mind. This intensive is designed to be both an introduction and immersion in Yin yoga. For teachers, this session will cultivate both confidence and competence in sharing the practice. It will also provide a solid platform for independent discovery of body-based consciousness through personal practice for any yogi. The entire session will be conducted through the lens of mindfulness in order to benefit from the immediate and lingering effects of Yin yoga in the larger context of life. This session is suitable for aspiring and certified yoga teachers, therapeutic practitioners, fitness professionals and dedicated yoga students who are interested in a comprehensive introduction to this profound collection of practices in universal balance, human energetics and spiritual evolution.


11:00 AM - 6:00 PM (6 HRS)


Yin Yoga for the Chakras

All Levels, Teacher Training, Contemplation

Marla Ericksen - SA3ERI

Join Marla on a journey across the rainbow bridge of the chakra system using Yin yoga postures as the portal of entry to the subtle energy system. Using Yin poses to stimulate and harmonize the chakras, you will journey through an understanding of each one. Additionally, Bija chants, imagery, mantra and pranayama will deepen your experience. The benefits of this combination of practices will send a healing reverberation through your entire being and, by extension, your life!


1:00 PM - 3:00 PM (2 HRS)


Meditation & Mindfulness: Embracing the Mystery

All Levels, Therapeutic, Contemplation

Marla Ericksen - SA4ERI

Allow Marla to guide you through an afternoon of practice designed to unify, gather and stabilize the mind. You will experience Buddhist meditation techniques for cultivating presence, awareness and insight. Our time together will explore sitting, standing, walking and lying meditation while weaving in the energies of forgiveness, compassion, joy and loving kindness. Come discover how embodied mindfulness leads to welcoming each precious moment as the mystery of the universe unfolds with you as a vital component of existence_NOW! No previous meditation experience required, all are welcome.


3:15 PM - 5:15 PM (2 HRS)


Nourishing the Teacher

Marla Ericksen - SU6ERI

Join Marla for a day of practice and reflection that will nourish and rejuvenate the many ways we need to show up for life in our role as a teacher. We will draw inspiration from many traditions as we re-kindle the passion to live our yoga and share what we know is true: that _yoga is the practice of tolerating the consequences of who we are._


2:00 PM - 6:30 PM (4 HRS)