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Tiffany Cruikshank is the founder & visionary behind Yoga Medicine, a community of expert yoga teachers focused on fusing the best of anatomy & western medicine with the traditional practice of yoga. Over the past 20 years of teaching yoga Tiffany's classes have evolved to reflect her creativity and passion for using yoga as a form of medicine for the mind, body & spirit. With her medical background in Acupuncture & Sports Medicine, her classes are guided by a strong anatomic focus and her ability to teach a deeper understanding of complex subjects. Recognized more broadly as a health & wellness expert, Tiffany has worked with professional athletes and celebrities from around the world. She has run her own clinics and was the Acupuncturist & Yoga Teacher at the Nike World Headquarters and has been featured as an expert in numerous publications including Yoga Journal, Prevention, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Self, Marie Claire, Fitness Magazine, Good Housekeeping, Fox News, Cosmopolitan, Redbook, Mantra Magazine, Thrive, More Magazine, OM Yoga, YogaLife and many others.

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SI Joint Dysfunction: A Teacher_s Intensive

SI joint issues have taken a spotlight in the yoga community and for a good reason. This vulnerable joint must maintain a delicate balance of supporting our body weight and still being flexible enough to articulate through all of the movements of our day with ease. As a crucial hinging point in the body, this joint is often the culprit of low back pain and hip pain, and this is finally becoming more recognized in the medical community as well as the yoga community. A yoga practice can be an essential adjunct to support and heal this joint, but it requires a more precise and purposeful practice crafted to the individual. This all-day intensive will explore the anatomy of the SI joint and its surrounding musculature, its function, the problems that arise here, how to work with it in a one-on-one yoga setting and potential obstacles to healing this area. This course will be mostly lecture with a short therapeutic asana practice before lunch and interactive demonstrations after lunch. For teachers and anyone interested in learning more about this joint and the application of a more therapeutic practice.


9:00 AM - 5:00 PM (6 HRS)


Issues In The Tissues: Fascial Fitness & Yoga

This class looks at how a yoga practice influences the fascia, and the health and resilience of the connective tissue. Beginning with a short lecture, we then move into a vinyasa that puts information into action. The lecture component of this class breaks down the ways a yoga practice can help remodel the fascial tissues and the ways we can work with or against the natural tendencies of the tissues. More importantly, you_ll get a chance to experience these changes in a yoga practice to feel for yourself the effects on the fascia. The yoga practice explores several different styles that involve both movement and stillness. Please have some vinyasa experience but no need to be an expert.


10:30 AM - 12:30 PM (2 HRS)


Self Myofascial Release: Unlock Your Tissues, Change Your Life

Myofascial release can be a game changer for so many people. One of the reasons I love it so much is that it_s easy to learn how to do it yourself. This class will begin with a short talk on the what, why and how of myofascial release so that you can use it on your own. Then we will work our way through the legs, back and hips, leaving you relaxed, rejuvenated and ready for more yoga tomorrow!


3:15 PM - 5:15 PM (2 HRS)


Neuroimmunology, Neurodynamics & Yoga

This class is half lecture and half practice. We will begin with a look at how the nervous system and immune system interrelate and interact. We_ll discover the implications of what this means to our perception and response to pain, and how to apply this information to a yoga practice that works with these systems. The yoga practice will be gentle, with a very different vantage point and a very different approach to movement. Come with a with a good dose of curiosity and an open mind to explore your practice with fresh eyes.


9:00 AM - 11:00 AM (2 HRS)