Class Level Definitions

Although most faculty presenters will be able to provide modifications, only you know best what works for your body / mind. YOGA, the Conference and Show encourages participants to select classes that include a variety of activity and reflection/meditation. We hope you find the following guidelines helpful.
  • All Levels: These classes are for participants of all abilities, levels, disciplines and interests.
  • Meditation / Breath / Contemplation: Some or part of this class will be meditative, breath work or contemplation
  • Teacher Training: Teachers, Teachers in training and participants with an interest in the course material are all welcome to attend, usually some lecture.
  • Therapeutic: Continuing Education material for Teachers and Practitioners to progress toward improving the health and well being of the practitioner, through the application of philosophy and practice of yoga techniques.
  • Advanced Beginner: For this level and beyond, should be comfortable with sun salutations and basic/essential poses.
  • Intermediate: Suited for participants who have developed an understanding of the fundamental principles of yoga practice; balance, steadiness and endurance and are interested in refining their practice.
  • Advanced: For participants who have committed to a constant practice and have developed a conscious working relationship with their body/mind.

Participation Options and Fees

There is both a SHOW / MARKET PLACE and a CONFERENCE. Your Conference badge gains you admission to the Show Floor and activities in the Yoga Garden and Kirtan Area. The Show Floor Pass gains you admission to the Show Floor vendors, the Yoga Garden and the Cultural / Kirtan Arts area. You may simply select any classes you wish. Your sub-total will reflect the price per hour of all of the classes you have selected. This provides you much more freedom to move around the conference, as you need.

Class Changes - Certificate Of Attendance

To make class changes, return to your Registration and make your modifications. YOGA, the Conference and Show will issue you a Certificate of Attendance that you may be able to use for Continuing Education Units. Most Certificate Hours of this conference will be commensurate with various governing bodies. A $15.00 fee will be charged. You must check with your professional organization for further information.

What to Bring

Mats, props and food will be available for sale from Saturday March 23 rd from 10:00am - 8:00pm and Sunday March 24 th from 10:00am - 6:00pm on the Show Floor. We strongly suggest that you bring your own yoga mat, blanket, belt, blocks and whatever other yoga prop you might normally use for your practice. The Toronto YOGA Conference and Show will not provide these items.

Meals - Hotel Accommodations

A variety of food vendors are available on the show floor Saturday March 23 rd – 24 th , 2024 to delight in offering you a delicious hot or cold healthy meal or snack. Please see show floor hours. Meals are not included in conference prices and must be purchased separately. Vegan meals will be available.

Hotel Accommodations:Click here


Cancellation and Refunds (2024 Registrants Only)

All requests for refunds must be made in writing and mailed to YOGA, the Conference and Show 967 Catskill Dr. Oshawa, ON L1J 8N7. A refund minus 30% processing and administration fee, will be issued for all cancellation requests postmarked by February 22nd, 2024. All requests for refunds must acknowledge an understanding of the 30% processing and administration fee. Refund requests postmarked after February 22nd, 2024 will require a Personal Medical Certificate in order to be considered for a voucher to be used toward YOGA, the Conference and Show 2025 only. No vouchers are to be guaranteed or assumed after February 22nd, 2024. After February 22nd, 2024, only submission of Personal Medical certificates applying directly to the person of the registered attendee will be accepted and is mandatory. No family, friend or pet medical certificates will be considered. If a voucher request is accepted, it will be minus 30% processing and administration fee. Please note that there will be no refund or vouchers issued for no shows under any circumstances. All accepted vouchers are valid for 2025 only. In the unlikely event that a session is cancelled, Force Majeure is imposed, or the instructor is unable to attend, participants MUST be aware that NO refunds can be provided. YOGA the Conference and Show will permit participants to either change to another session during the March 22nd – March 24th, 2024 event or be provided with a full credit of the equivalent hours on their account for use in the 2025 event only.

Waiver Of Liability

Registrants, Attendees and Readers of the Conference Guide (hereby referred to as “Participants”) of YOGA, the Conference and Show operating under 2107459 Ont. Ltd. must comprehend that serious risks may be associated with physical activity of any kind including any variety of yoga, meditation, dance, pilates, physical exercise, breath work practice and participation in yoga related activities, including Concert, Yoga Rave, Kirtan and Yoga Dance attendance and participation. Participants must acknowledge such potential risks may be minor or serious and participants must attend all sessions and/or activities accepting and assuming the inherent risks associated with their participation in any activities of YOGA, the Conference and Show and any 2107459 Ont. Ltd. events.

YOGA, the Conference and Show operating under 2107459 Ont. Ltd., or its founders, are NOT responsible for any injury, including death, to any person participating in YOGA, the Conference and Show.

In consideration of my acceptance and my participation in YOGA, the Conference and Show, I hereby release and covenant not to sue YOGA, the Conference and Show operating under 2107459 Ont. Ltd., or its founders, for any and all present and future claims resulting from ordinary negligence and inherent risk during YOGA, the Conference and Show activities, including but not limited to, any loss, injury, damage, or liability sustained by me.


Privacy Policy

Your personal information is very important to us and will not be provided to any other company or organization, without your expressed consent. Any information received by YOGA, the Conference and Show is kept secure. However, the corporation cannot guarantee the security of any information transmitted to us via electronic, telephony and facsimile methods. Any information required to be provided to officials under Provincial and Federal laws will be complied with.

Directions to Metro Toronto Convention Centre


What’s the Difference between The Yoga Conference and The Yoga Show?

The Yoga Conference

Is in the same building at the same time as the Toronto Yoga Show is the Toronto Yoga Conference. The Conference is held in the lower levels of the MTCC and runs from Friday March 22 nd 2024, to Sunday March 24 th , 2024. The workshops are NOT accessible with a Show Pass. There are 68 hours of conference sessions and workshops to select from. They are 6 and 2 hours in length and must be pre-registered for. Please see the ATTENDEE REGISTRATION tab to create and account and register for sessions.

The Yoga Show

The Toronto Yoga Show runs from Saturday March 23 rd , 2024, to Sunday March 24 th 2024. With over 200 vendors, there’s sure to be something you like. The show floor stretches out across 150,000ft as one of the biggest yoga markets you’ll ever see.

Included in your show floor admission will be 18 hours of free Meditations, Yoga, Music, Demonstrations and Talks will be happening all weekend throughout the show floor. Take part in the community and try something new. If you are looking for something healthy and tasty to eat you can indulge at our Food Court with Vegetarian and Vegan options. Those of you with Free Show Passes can access the yoga garden and cultural arts area.

Are there any employment opportunities at the Toronto Yoga Show and Conference?

While we have our "Core Team" at the Yoga Conference and Show we are always looking for Volunteers. Please see "Volunteer Positions" for more details

Do I get a Certificate for every class that I take part in at the Conference?

You will be emailed a certificate of attendance approximately 4-6 weeks after the conference.

How do I change Conference courses I have selected and paid for online?

It is a very easy process to change classes online. Simply log into your acount and go to the "My Booked Sessions & Events" tab to change classes you have already booked.

Will my Evening Event tickets be mailed to me? Where do I get them?

You can pick up your Bracelets for the Evening Events in the main lobby of the MTCC at Registration.

Who can attend the Toronto Yoga Conference?

The Toronto Yoga conference is open anyone from all over the globe with an interest or desire to grow, share and live a positive and healthy life. Our event brings together yoga practitioners of all levels as a community, to make new connections, and to try new things related to yoga, health and wellness. Attendees range from many backgrounds with many interests such as Yoga/ Pilates Teachers/ Practitioners, Meditation, Thai Massage Therapists, Coaches, Nutritionist and so much more.

Is there parking available on-site?

Yes, paid parking is available on-site. Parking Garage Rates Here

I am interested in presenting at the conference. How do I apply to present?

The March 22 nd – 24 th , 2024 Toronto Yoga Conference is currently accepting Presenter Proposal Applications. Please check our website UNDER THE APPLICATIONS TAB to download the Presenter Proposal Applications for March 2024.

Are volunteer positions available?



The Toronto Yoga Conference and Show is looking for your help! We are a Volunteer driven event and without the help of all our Amazing and Dedicated Volunteers our Event just wouldn’t be possible.

All Volunteers will get an inside look at the workings of our event and see just what it takes to make an event as big as ours run smoothly.

Pre-Volunteering Guide Delivery

What we are looking for from our Volunteers for our 2024 Event:

  1. We require that all Volunteers are available for at least 2 Full of the 3 full days of the Toronto Yoga Conference and Show, taking place Friday March 22nd, 2024 – Sunday March 24th, 2024.
  2. All Volunteers will be required to Room Monitor workshops, classes and presentations. This position requires the volunteer to manage the following:
    • Check Badges at the door: Make sure all Attendees entering the conference room are where they should be.
    • Faculty/ Presenter has everything they need: White board, props, headset, handouts, etc.
    • Assist Faculty and Attendees as needed. Make sure no one is disrupting the class.
    • Lighting: Make sure you know how to dim the lights, as some classes require different lighting.
    • AV: Make sure sound systems are up and running before class begins. Know how to change batteries in headsets.
  3. All Volunteers will be required to help out with event operation positions such as AV, running props, managing goodie bags, swag booth, applying wristbands, evening events and just helping out wherever help is required.
  4. All Volunteers are required to commit to 12 hours of their time towards the Conference and Show. Any of your remaining time may be spent attending Conference classes using your volunteer badge. Entrance into a classroom will be at the discretion of the room monitor depending on the number of Attendees in the class.
  5. If you are a student, kindly indicate which school board you are doing your Community Involvement Activities for & please attach a copy of the Community Involvement Activities form.

If you are interested in volunteering and getting more involved with the 2024 Toronto Yoga Conference and Show please see the APPLICATIONS TAB of our web site to download the Volunteer Application or email

All Volunteers will receive a Staff shirt as well as Conference classes.

The event does not cover food, accommodation, transportation or parking.

I've never done yoga before, will I still find value in the conference?

Yes. You can learn about yoga at the conference, or choose to take other topics that may interest you more — like Thai Massage, Meditation, or other approaches to cultivating healthy habits of mind and body. The focus of the conference is about your wellbeing, not just yoga.

Can I register for just one class or session?

Yes. There is no minimum to what you can sign up for. If there is only one class that interests you then that is totally fine.

How can I help to promote the conference?

We are always honoured and inspired by the abundance and generosity of our surrounding communities. If you would like to step up to the plate and assist in some way by helping us spread the word about The Toronto Yoga Conference and Show, please feel free to Share or Repost any of our posts on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.