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Clarity is a Toronto based Yoga Teacher, Healer, and Women’s Circles Facilitator known for her sense of purpose, inspirational ceremonies and community events. After studying traditional Hatha Yoga in India, she graduated from a Shamanic Yoga School where she adopted ceremonial practices to enrich the journeys that she guides her students and her fellow sisters through. Her goal is to open people’s hearts to the healing power of truth and love by cultivating graceful ways to connect to ourselves and others. Through years of deep inner work and study of Tantra, Clarity found transformational means to connect to her own Divine Feminine and find balance and fulfilment with her sexuality. She now hold’s space for others to do the same by sharing her knowledge and passion for the Tantric philosophy and way of life.

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Shamanic Yoga

Clarity Bartleet - FR2BAR

This class highlights the existent shamanic aspect to yoga by affirming yoga as a spiritual practice and a ritual. Together, we will uncover the meaning and importance of reclaiming the Shaman archetype for our everyday practice, and shamanism as a holistic view of the world and our place within it. Pranayama, guided meditation, instrumental sounds along with asanas will be our guides to flow in between worlds and ground the energy and information that we find along our journey.


6:00 PM - 8:00 PM (2 HRS)


Kali Yoga

All Levels

Clarity Bartleet - SA4BAR

Synchronizing with the energy of Kali is particularly relevant in our day and age as we are said to have entered the Age of Kali Yuga. The aim of this class is to allow participants to learn about and connect with the famous Hindu Goddess. We will be practising a warrior sequence combining asanas, pranayama and mantra in order to open ourselves to the Dark Mother_s energy.


3:15 PM - 5:15 PM (2 HRS)


Tantric Yoga for Women

Clarity Bartleet - SA5BAR

This is a class for women to find sexual empowerment by discovering how to connect with their sexual energy for healing and spiritual purposes. Initially, we will focus on clearing potential sexual blockages with asanas, movements and light self-massage. Next, we will learn to cultivate our sexual energy using movements and energetic locks. Finally, we will channel our sexual energy with Tantric breathing exercises and mantras, allowing us to store this precious energy in our body and raise our vibration as a result.


5:30 PM - 7:30 PM (2 HRS)


New Moon Women_s Circle: Archetypes of the Feminine

Clarity Bartleet - SU4BAR

This women's circle is designed for participants to learn about and partake in ancient goddess-worshipping practices and rituals during which they are invited to connect with their own feminine energy in relation to the earth and to the cycles of the moon. Together, we will uncover the significance and meaning of the major archetypal forces of the Feminine_the Maiden, the Mother and the Crone_and learn concrete ways in which these archetypes can be used to access our feminine powers and understand our menstrual cycles. Through a series of exercises combining guided meditation, asana, pranayama and mantra chanting, participants will be guided to experience some the energetic qualities of each of these archetypes.


4:30 PM - 6:30 PM (2 HRS)