Faculty - Blake Martin, PhD

Blake Martin holds a PhD in Kinesiology and a Graduate Diploma in Neuroscience from York University, a B.F.A. and M.A. in dance, and a bachelor of education. His doctoral research was in neural mechanisms of attention when trying to perform more than one movement at a time. His current interests include understanding how the body gives rise to consciousness, as well as how thinking is offloaded to the environment and other people. Blake has danced with Kaeja Dance and Motus O Dance Theatre and is a founding board member of the Pulse Ontario Youth Dance Conference, a province wide initiative uniting secondary dance educators and students with professional dance artists. Blake is a Visiting Fellow with the Accelerated Learning and Retention Project and teaches in York Universitys Dance Science Diploma program, as well as speaking provincially, nationally and internationally on issues related to yoga and the brain, arts and the brain, creativity and the brain, anatomy, and classroom management. He is a respected teacher in Traditional Thai Massage, a long distance runner, and a martial artist for more 30 years. If it moves and thinks, he likes it.

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Functional Kinesiology for Yogis: Which Muscle Did What with a What Now?

Figuring out the exact muscles used in a yoga posture can be a challenge! What if your yoga anatomy book doesn't seem to cover suspension yoga/goat yoga*/yoga in space? Is there a way to look at a body and figure out what is going on? Through the mighty power of "kinesiology," yes there is! This workshop will provide you with tools to distinguish the force of gravity/goats from the resistance forces in the body, and an understanding of how direction of movement relates to strengthening and stretching in a yoga class on earth, or among the stars! Learn to identify body movements with cool "science" words! Learn the power of using "functional muscle groups"! Learn another person’s name! *Goats not included.


11:00 AM - 6:00 PM (6 HRS)


Learn to Practice Thai Yoga Massage

All Levels, Therapeutics, Teacher Training

Blake Martin, PhD - FR1MAR

This six-hour "appetizer" will introduce you to the ancient practice of Thai Yoga Massage, yoga's sister art. In addition to learning a basic 30-minute massage, you will learn how to gently move your partner into assisted stretches, apply pressure appropriately and integrate compassion ("Metta") into your work.


9:00 AM - 5:00 PM (6 HRS)


This is your Brain….on Yoga

All Levels, Teacher Training, Anatomy

Blake Martin, PhD - SA2MAR

This is your brain. This is your brain on yoga. Hear what a neuroscientist has to say about recent clinical research on the impact of the practice of yoga and pranayama breathing on the human brain. Recent findings on stress, the immune response and memory as well as research related to yoga and select neurological disorders will also be discussed.


10:30 AM - 12:30 PM (2 HRS)


Never Not Broken: Yoga, Depression and a Neurobiology of Hope

All Levels, Teacher Training, Therapy

Blake Martin, PhD - SA4MAR

What happens if I feel sad all the time? Can yoga help? Is there any way movement can contribute to my mental health? What does science say is the link between my mind and body? Join neuroscientist Dr. Blake Martin for a lively discussion of how depression is grounded in a physical body, and what recent research says the bodily practice of yoga does to alter the structure and function of the brain. We will consider the importance of breath, posture and community as pillars of a practice that can offer acceptance and hope.


3:15 PM - 5:15 PM (2 HRS)


Beyond Exercise: Yoga as Creative Practice

If yoga is a movement vocabulary, then why do we always talk in unison? Where is the room for kinetic conversation, expression, and play? Is there room to create? In this participatory workshop, we will push against the constraints of yoga as a functional form to find new movement possibilities, and opportunities for connection, communication, and community. We will shift our focus from the mechanics of motion to an expressive form, creating something new through the generous application of time, shape, space, and energy.


9:00 AM - 11:00 AM (2 HRS)