Faculty - Jack Boken

Jack Boken (Happy Jack) is one of the most inspirational and infectiously positive thought leaders and has a growing & thriving yoga community around the world. Happy Jack is no stranger to adversity having overcome alcoholism, drug abuse, workaholism, obesity, divorce and cancer. He is grateful for each of these life experiences as they’ve contributed to his extraordinary personal transformations and allow him to connect with others who have experienced challenging life situations. Since cleaning up his lifestyle, getting clear on his vision and pursuing his passions – Happy Jack now leads transformational yoga retreats and trainings in over 20 countries around the world. You will regularly find him teaching and speaking at International Yoga Festivals, Conferences & Seminars across North America and Europe. Any experience with Happy Jack will leave you feeling a deeper sense of connection with yourself and others.

Happy Jack has received the highest levels of education in yoga, human performance, vocal expression, spirituality, mindfulness and leadership. He has the rare opportunity and proximity to his Platinum Partner and mentor, Tony Robbins – the world authority on leadership psychology. As an E-RYT 500 Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher, Happy Jack leads advanced teacher training around the world. Along with his partner Hanna, they have created the Happy Jack Yoga system – a transformational process to overcome any adversity and create a thriving lifestyle. Happy Jack has completed advanced yoga studies with many renowned teachers around the world, including traditional Eastern methodologies while living in India.

Join an international leader with extensive experience in creating breakthroughs and transformation. Since 2010, Happy Jack has empowered tens of thousands of students around the world through his inspirational teaching style. Journey into profound self-inquiry, deep connection, powerful vinyasa and a musical experience that will open you up to new possibilities on your mat and in your life!

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