Faculty - Allie Chisholm-Smith

Throughout Allie’s 25+ years of teaching Yoga and studying Ayurvedic medicine, she has
encouraged people to find self-knowledge and power from within. Her teaching spans from Restorative as deep central nervous system calming, to vigorous explorations into the fascial structure and ways of being. She has been leading transformative Yoga Teacher Training programs and running a studio for over 20 years. Allie is a natural storyteller that weaves hard topics with humour throughout her presentations and classes to transform shame and fear into self-love and belonging. She has co-authored a book “The Necessity of Touch, Fundamentals of Yoga Assists” and is currently working on her own book based on yoga philosophy and the journey back to belonging. Allie’s aim is always to leave participants feeling more compassionate toward themselves and the difficulties they face so that we all might be a little more resilient and a whole lot kinder.

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The Necessity of Touch | Assisting as an Essential Tool

Take your students to a deeper level of knowing and practice by adopting safe, coherent and effective assists. In every practice, there are times when words are not enough, either for proprioceptive confusion or to get to the deeper layers of emotion buried within our tissues. This workshop will give you a formula through which you will know how to assist in any and all yoga postures. Through simple principles you will learn how to dissect poses to create clarity for you and your students.Up your yoga game through the power of profound assists.?Sensitize your touch?Learn 3 key principles that can be applied to any posture?Train your hands to follow breath and fascial lines of movement?Increase safety and efficacy in all of your teaching


11:00 AM - 6:00 PM (6 HRS)


Finding Your Dharma, Stepping into Your Magnificence

In the current sea of yoga teachers, how does your ideal student find you? What makes you different? What is your superpower, your dharma? Through movement, prompts and small group discussion Allie will lead you on a journey from confusion to clarity to help you to find your authentic voice. Embracing the dukkha, the suffering, that you have experienced throughout your life is a key component to how you have been chiseled to the magnificence that you are. Can you reframe your experience and see that you are right on time? The world needs your superpowers now. Step forward.In this session, you will experience:?Guided movement to hear the deep voices within your consciousness, held in your fascia?Cues and prompts for spiral writing to your deepest heart space?Small group discussions to hone your voice and messageYou will need your yoga gear, a journal and pens


6:30 PM - 8:30 PM (2 HRS)


Indra's Net | The Role of Fascia in our Somatic Unconscious

Why do we always seem to cycle back to the same situations, the same narratives, and the same hurt? Buried deep in our tissue are stories of fear, myths of loneliness and hurt that constantly hold us captive and safely distant from our true magnificence. Through the many aspects of a yoga practice we can guide our students to mindfully dig, like archaeologists, down to the marrow of these patterns, discarding the myth that we are alone. Holding gentle but steady space for our classes, we can find the freedom and union that yoga seeks through reconnecting to Indra?s net (the extension of our very own fascia). Allie will guide you in a slow courageous journey of fascial unwinding flows, breathwork to raise your relaxation response, and Nidra to reboot your nervous system all through storytelling, touch, and humour. Come home to your magnificence, embody your wingspan.


4:30 PM - 6:30 PM (2 HRS)