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True healing comes from self-knowledge. Self-knowledge (understanding), leads to self-love. It is through this process that we are capable of finding wellness. Throughout over 2 decades of teaching Yoga, doing Yoga Massage, Reiki and constant studies in Ayurveda, Allie encourages people to find self-knowledge and power from within. Her teaching spans from Restorative as deep central nervous system calming, to vigorous explorations into fascial structure and ways of being. She has been running transformative Yoga Teacher Training programs for over a decade and readily admits that the study that this requires of her and the gift of witnessing so many students blossom, maybe a favorite part of her job. She earned a Master’s degree examining the ways in which our definition of power determines our ability to establish healthy relationships with self, others, and the earth. As with Ayurveda, she believes that as we study ourselves, we heal ourselves. As we heal ourselves, we heal the earth.

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The Necessity of Touch, The Fundamentals of Yoga Assists

Allie Chisholm - FR2CHI

Our hands can communicate and translate when words are not enough, and when the mind is unable to process verbal instruction. Ethical physical contact grounds and connects us to the present, therefore lowering the risk of injury and/or competitive default settings. Wendy and Allie have a unique approach that is both safe and intimate while respecting the individual process of each student. They believe that yoga and the relationship that a teacher builds with their student has the potential for profound healing for both parties.


6:00 PM - 8:00 PM (2 HRS)


Indra's Net, The Role of Fascia in our Somatic Unconscious

Allie Chisholm - SA2CHI

Why do we always seem to cycle back to the same situations, the same narratives, and the same hurt? Buried deep in our tissue are stories of fear, myths of loneliness and hurt that constantly hold us captive and safely distant from our true magnificence. Through the many aspects of a yoga practice we can guide our students to mindfully dig, like archaeologists, down to the marrow of these patterns, discarding the myth that we are alone. Holding gentle but steady space for our classes, we can find the freedom and union that yoga seeks through reconnecting to Indra's net (the extension of our very own fascia). Allie will guide you in a slow courageous journey of fascial unwinding flows, breathwork to raise your relaxation response, and Nidra to reboot your nervous system all through storytelling, touch, and humour. Come home to your magnificence, embody your wingspan.


10:30 AM - 12:30 PM (2 HRS)