Faculty - Dianne Harris

BIO: A yoga practitioner for most of her life, Dianne left the corporate world to share the joys and discoveries of yoga with others.  Based on her studies with Sarah and Ty Powers Insight Yoga, she interweaves Buddhism, yogic philosophies, and meridian theory into her offerings, to encourage you to ‘get more from your yoga’.  She invites you to explore and discover the richness of yourself in the present moment.  To develop clarity of mind and discover and live from the beauty or your heart, in all of its’ states.   
Owner-operator of happyheart Yoga, Dianne conducts Teacher Trainings, workshops, and classes internationally.  She is an Insight Yoga Institute Endorsed Teacher (1 of 23), is certified  CYA-E-RYTGOLD (1000+ training hours, 1000+ teaching hours), and has also trained extensively with Paul and Suzee Grilley and JP Tamblyn-Sabo of Ahimsa Yoga.


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Being Today Yin Yoga – Courage for Life

Dianne Harris - FR2HAR

Being Today, Yin Yoga is a provocative exploration of your thoughts and feelings. We will harness the power of vocabulary, contemplation, Chinese medicine's energy system (meridians and acupuncture points), gentle movement, and yin yoga to bring light to our inner landscape.   In this multi-faceted 2-hour workshop (a different Being Today will be shared each year!), we will explore COURAGE FOR LIFE. In the spirit of inquiry, we use the perception of words and the quietude of Yin Yoga for self-discovery.  Detailed handout included.  Discover words, discover meaning, discover yourself, discover life.  Get more from your yoga!


6:00 PM - 8:00 PM (2 HRS)


Insight Yoga: Wise Intention with Yin Yoga

Dianne Harris - SA2HAR

Dharma talk and practice: Insight Yoga Institute, founded by Sarah and Ty Powers, combines yoga, Buddhism, and psychology in a gentle and enriching way. In this educational and experiential workshop, we will explore the concept of Wise Intention, which is a part of the Buddhist practices of the 8 Noble Truths. During our practice time together, we will blend these teachings with Yin Yoga shapes and inner practices to enliven the body, heart, and mind. The Yin poses, which work on the meridians of Chinese medicine, will be focused on those that have emotional and energetic qualities related to Wise Intention. Bringing all of this together in one practice creates a richness beyond measure. You will receive a handout with this information to take away and dive deeper into our practice time together. Get more from your yoga practice! It’s worth noting that Dianne is a 500-hour certified Insight Yoga teacher and one of 35 Insight Yoga teachers worldwide, endorsed by Sarah Powers.


10:30 AM - 12:30 PM (2 HRS)


Good Night Yin – Breath of Life

Dianne Harris - SA4HAR

Good Night Yin Yoga is much more than a practice for sleep, it's an embodiment practice that guides you towards peace and helps to relieve all types of unrest. It serves as a gateway to deep healing. When we interweave yin yoga with enhancement practices, it brings a new level of juiciness and depth to the practice. In this 2-hour workshop, we will explore the sacred breath within the components of the Good Night Yin practice model. Good Night Yin is a carefully crafted medley that aims to bring you to a place of rest and refuge. It has three distinct components: Release, Yin Shapes & Drifting. In Breath of Life, you'll discover new things about your breath and its connection to life itself. We will layer in breath practices and specific enhancement methods to deepen your inner experience, re-establish your connection to your breath, and help you enjoy its nourishing benefits. A detailed handout will be included. Get ready for a tranquil experience for your body, heart, and mind. Discover how to get more from your yoga practice with Good Night Yin.


3:15 PM - 5:15 PM (2 HRS)


Explore the Archetypal Poses of Paul Grilley’s Yin Yoga – a Functional Approach

Dianne Harris - SU5HAR

Discover the functional approach to anatomy and the shapes of Yin Yoga, because everyone is different. Learn to adapt the poses skillfully to suit each individual. Deepen your understanding of the body and find the most effective shape for a functional practice. It's important to note that the most effective shape varies from person to person due to skeletal or tensile variation. During the exploration and analysis of the poses, we'll cover each of Paul Grilley's Yin Yoga archetypes, including: - The Yin poses in that archetype - The target areas, such as skeletal, myofascial, and meridians of Chinese medicine - The essential elements for finding the targets - The key parameters to play with within the pose - Pose deepening, softening, and safety Dianne Harris is our instructor, and she has studied extensively with Paul Grilley (400+ hours). Paul has given his permission to use his methods and materials. Additionally, he has reviewed and provided input to Dianne's training manual, "Yin Yoga Explorience," and written the foreword to it.


11:30 AM - 6:30 PM (6 HRS)