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Kathryn is the owner of Kathryn White Wellness. She is a Cancer Coach who supports those living with a cancer diagnosis, and those who are working on their healing after cancer.

Before becoming a Certified Holistic Cancer Coach, Kathryn was an elementary school teacher for almost 20 years. In 2015 she was diagnosed with Stage 4 Colon Cancer. This led to her leaving teaching permanently to regain her health and rediscover herself and what she wanted from her new lease on life.

As a Stage 4 Colon Cancer thriver, Kathryn is deeply passionate about health and wellness. After completing treatment and getting her health back, Kathryn dug deep into the roots of cancer to learn more about prevention and how to live healthier. Never far from her original calling as a teacher, Kathryn successfully completed a certification as a Culinary Nutrition Expert, which led her to launch her own business running workshops and personalized nutrition planning for people wanting to change their own lives and prevent disease. The next step in her personal road to health and healing was to become a 500-hour registered yoga teacher with a focus on trauma-informed yoga, restorative yoga, and meditation and mindfulness.

As a continuation of her passion to educate others about healthy lifestyles and cancer prevention, Kathryn earned her certification as a Holistic Cancer Coach in 2021. Since then she has gone on to support numerous people in their life with cancer through her one-to-one cancer support coaching program and through her Thrive Together Group Coaching Program. Yoga has guided Kathryn to support her clients from a whole health perspective of body, mind, and spirit.

She is the host of the Living to Thrive with Cancer Podcast.

In her off time, Kathryn enjoys reading, hiking, camping, and spending time with her husband John, and her two adult children Jackson and Joshua.

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