Faculty - Carol Cowan

Carol Cowan is a recognized Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner, Social Worker, Public Speaker, Author, and Yoga Teacher with over 20 years of experience in the field.

Carol has completed a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, a bachelor’s degree in Social Work, and a master’s degree in Social Work. She serves clients in the areas of trauma, addictions, attachment, mental health, self-esteem, and the neuroscience of behaviour change. Carol completed her initial Emotional Freedom Technique training with the founder, Gary Craig, in 2008 and now hosts workshops to train others in the evidenced-based technique. Carol's first published book is called "The Hidden Secrets of EFT: An Uncensored Guide to Using EFT to Promote Dramatic Lifestyle Change".

Having always been drawn to study the mind, body, and spirit connection, Carol’s path led her to also become a certified Yoga Instructor and she has been teaching Hatha Yoga with devotion since 2006. Carol's spirituality and connection to the Divine Source also weave their way into workshops and sessions. Her second published book is called "Step Into Synchronicity: Dancing with the Divine to Create Magic and Miracles in Your Life".

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