Faculty - Dorothy Knight

Dorothy Knight spent over a decade in the corporate world when a serious motorcycle accident organically shifted her path into becoming passionate about healing, well-being, and holistic health. Her injuries invited her to find yoga, which later inspired her to complete her YTT 200 teacher training in yoga. Dorothy’s yoga practice includes Guided Meditation, Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga, and Vinyasa Power Flows.

Dorothy is also a certified Reiki Master, Ohana Generational Healer, and Life Coach. Her coaching programs have helped hundreds of clients heal unresolved trauma and embody their full potential. Dorothy is passionate about empowering her clients towards self-mastery, illuminating the way to fulfilling their soul purpose with curiosity, intention, and play.

She is currently located in Burlington ON and practices and teaches the healing arts both locally and globally through workshops, courses, and retreats.


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Trauma RX - Your Epigenetics Experience - Heal the Past, Present & Future of Inherited Family Trauma

Dorothy Knight - TH1KNI

Begin to Heal within your Experiences. You're either in state of contraction or expansion.The first (contraction) places you in the role of VICTIM; powerless, fearful, doubtful, worried, angry and confused. We withdraw into ourselves and disconnect from our core power. Expansion places us in state of personal power, autonomy, detached from the Earth drama towards we move towards self-mastery of our emotions and energy. Knowing your DNA story in combination with Generational Healing, reveals previous patterns through our lineage which became encoded in our DNA.Discover your family's REAL story . Your DNA carries the memories of trauma forward until that trauma has been healed. When your emotions are not given a free space to be released, they become stored in the DNA structure and pass on to your future lineage. ?Ohana Generational Healing is an energetic healing modality that focuses on healing inherited family trauma that is passed down through the DNA of our ancestral lineages. Connecting the client to the stories of their Ancestors, providing them a safe space to explore the traumas that have been handed down through their ancestral lineages, as well as honoring their own personal experiences, creates sacred space for growth and healing without the programming of family history.


11:00 AM - 6:00 PM (6 HRS)