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Tony Felgueiras is an internationally published yoga photographer with several years of experience as a yoga teacher and group fitness instructor. Tony has been the official photographer for the Toronto Yoga Conference and Show since 2018 and has traveled to photograph festivals and events such as Wanderlust, Yoga Journal, Hanuman Festival, and more.
His experience as a yoga student and teacher allows him to understand how to capture movement and poses in their best expression for each unique individual. With a background in video and working full-time with a media and marketing agency, Tony helps his clients create content that is strategic, high quality, and impactful, with an emphasis on storytelling.
You’ll find Tony taking photos at this year’s event and sharing his photography experience, tips, and tricks in his yoga photography presentation on Saturday.

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Take your yoga imagery to the next level with internationally published photographer and yoga teacher, Tony Felgueiras.

Tony Felgueiras - SA1FEL

In the first half of this session Tony will discuss photography principals, tips and tricks to get the best images for your self promotion including social media, digital marketing, website, and more. He?ll cover capturing images on your phone and DSLR or mirrorless cameras, the basics of composition, lens choice, and more. You?ll also get tips on how to have a successful photoshoot if you?re hiring someone to create images of you.The second half of the session will be an interactive portion. Participants will collaborate by modelling and photographing each other, practicing and implementing what was learned in the session, while having access to Tony for feedback and guidance.Whether you?re a yogi curious about image making or a photographer looking to learn more, this presentation is open to all levels.


9:00 AM - 11:00 AM (2 HRS)