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Deanna Villa is a Master Thai Yoga Massage Teacher / Practitioner / Yoga Teacher and offers 18 years hands on therapeutic experience. Director of Thai Massage Toronto since 1998, she teaches internationally. Deanna has authored 10 Thai Massage manuals, has recorded 6 instructional DVD's: traditional Thai on the mat and table Thai for "The Art of Sensing Series", developed Thai 4 Yoga series and completed a mindful meditation CD. Deanna has been featured on City TV and Rogers TV as well as in articles for national newspapers and magazines. Deanna's precise method focuses on a strong foundation of stability, alignment and quality of attention t6o each posture and their link with breath.

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Thai Yoga Massage: Yang Press Your Yin Pose

Deanna Villa - TH6VIL

Discover how to incorporate dynamic hands-on Yang press-and-touch techniques into your yoga class. Learn how to approach, select stance, and apply touch compression with confidence. We will begin in a compassionate Yin posture and expand using hands-on Thai massage press-and-hold techniques. Unravel from your starting Yin pose and wind up as a Yang pretzel. We will broaden your scope of practice by expanding your range of hands-on options within each posture. Leave knowing how to incorporate Thai-style, hands-on touch into you yoga classes.


6:30 PM - 8:30 PM (2 HRS)


Thai Massage Yourself: Treat Yourself!

All Levels, Therapeutics, Teacher Training

Deanna Villa - SA1VIL

Learn to teach hands-on self-massage for the yoga room. Evolve your yoga teaching practice by weaving this series into your existing classes, or simply learn to massage yourself. Absorb Thai massage touch-and-presses in tandem with asana. Touch, explore, and travel along the meridians (Sen lines). Press, knead, and chop yourself in this guided series as you acclimatize yourself to changing pressure: from soothing, blissful warm-up all the way to pointy elbow intensity. We will begin by sitting in tree pose, pressing into the arch of our left foot, the right leg is extended. Gentle, rhythmic side rocking sets the tempo; swaying side to side allows an opening to receive and calm the pace. Navigating heel to arch, steadily increasing the pressure with each repetition; each touch, press, dig, slide, and pause is memorable. Advancing up the inner calf, sensing and obtaining each perfect press, adapting the pressure to allow the painful or uncomfortable points. With an ebb and flow, we move up and down multiple times to dissipate the delicious, pleasure-pain place and pause to soak up the sweet sensations. Wow! We are massaging ourselves and it feels breathtakingly good!


8:00 AM - 10:00 AM (2 HRS)