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Jenn Pike, Holistic Lifestyle Expert & Bestselling author The Simplicity Project~ A Simple, No-Nonsense Approach To Losing Weight & Changing Your Body Forever! She is a nationally sought after Yoga Movement Educator and Medical Exercise Specialist plus Holistic Nutritionist to Yoga Star Sadie Nardini Jenn is host to Simplicity Fusion Flow & Simplicity TV, an International Speaker and contributor to many publications and television shows: Breakfast Television, Global, CHCH and Rogers. Jenn sits on the Advisory Board for STRONG Fitness Magazine, iRun & Savvy Mom.

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The Hormone Project

Jenn Pike - SA4PIK

How many of you are exhausted; feeling like you have burned yourself out over the years teaching classes, travelling from studio to studio, private clients and essentially chasing your pay cheque? Is your body run down, digestion off, inflammation creeping up? Are you suffering from headaches, skin issues and, for you women, menstrual irregularities? Are your adrenals and thyroid begging for a shift? Are you struggling with your sleep, your mood, energy and motivation? Do you hear yourself guide your students to take care of themselves and prioritize self-care, proper nutrition and rest, but aren't doing it for yourself? Do you feel like somewhat of a fraud as you lead from the front of the room with suggestions, tips and love galore, but behind the scenes you are fading? I have been there, I have felt all the feels and as a result have created the most holistically based approach for entrepreneurs to take their health back! Join me for the 2-hour deep dive into getting your body, your hormones, sleep, energy, mood and attitude back on track while building a kickass business AND a life you love!!


3:15 PM - 5:15 PM (2 HRS)


Fusion Fire: a Yoga and Pilates Infusion

Jenn Pike - SU1PIK

Blend the best postures of both Yoga and Pilates infused with elements of strength and nutrition into a practice that will wake you up from head to toe. Learn proper sequencing and receive a 1-hour Fusion Fire Flow practice to take back to your classes and students and watch your class numbers sky-rocket.


9:00 AM - 11:00 AM (2 HRS)


Hormone Detox Flow

Jenn Pike - SU3PIK

Every day your body is under assault from toxins found in our food, our environment, our body care products, our clothes, and the world we live in. So how can you best purge them from your system and support your body moving forward? Join me to learn, as a teacher AND student, how to amplify the detox, digestion, heat, and calorie-burning principles of your practice every time through precise cueing, anatomy, and nutrition tips. Lifestyle inspirations, proper breathing, and sequencing will also help to purge the toxins you're holding on to while transforming your body and your yoga moving forward!


2:00 PM - 4:00 PM (2 HRS)